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Creativity: Nigerian Man Converts Motorcycle Into High Heel Shoe That Can Be Moved (photo)

Meet Danladi Ibrahim, a 23-year-old Nigerian man based in Kaduna who
converted a motorcycle into a high-heeled shoe that can be moved.

How creative is Danladi Ibrahim’s invention??

According to Splufik Nigerians, Danladi was only seven years old when he
started going to his father’s shop to watch how he repaired different
bicycles. A decade later, having developed much
interest, he decided to drop out of Rimi College, Kaduna to venture into welding after which he became a motorcycle mechanic.

Ibrahim now uncouples and repair things formerly strange to him. One of
his many inventions is a two-wheel motorcycle he reconstructed to a
tricycle shaped like a lady’s shoe.

“I was mocked but I did not give up,” said the 23-year-old. 

“I’m very happy to have proved myself worthy against the doubts of so
many people who felt I was just wasting my time. They watched me as I
made those unique items and I’m glad I’ve never been involved in any
form of accident.

“I have been riding it for two years now and I did the test drive on a
distance of about 25 km. Along the way, the police overtook me and asked
me to park and I complied. I thought they wanted to arrest me, but to
my astonishment, they brought out their phones and took a snapshot of

According to Danladi, no government agency like the NBTI, NDE or a
technical institution like Kaduna Polytechnic or Technical College
Malali has ever contacted him on how he can develop or teach youngsters
in a joint partnership. He also urges parents to encourage their
children to acquire skills, especially when they are still young.

Source – Instagram/SplufikNigerians

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