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Donald Trump: 5 questions on President’s prospective move of US Israel embassy

Donald Trump US President faces a Thursday cut-off date to decide whether to move US embassy in Israel to the disputed metropolis of Jerusalem.


Donald Trump: 5 questions on President's prospective move of US Israel embassy
                                                                                                                           US Israel embassy


Israelis are willingly watching to see whether he renews a waiver because of expire simply before middle of the night on Thursday delaying the move, as his predecessors have executed.


He’s expected to sign the waiver, at least for now, as he seeks ways to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.


Below are 5 questions and answers explaining the issue:


  1.                  What’s the dispute?

Israel held control of Palestinian east Jerusalem from Jordan for the period of a 1967 war and later takes possession of it. The move was by no means recognised by the international community however Israel declared the city its undivided capital.


The Palestinians spot east Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.


There is no country that has accepted Israeli sovereignty and features their embassies within the commercial capital Tel Aviv instead.

Shifting the embassy might be seen as the United States endorsing Israel’s claim to the metropolis and rejecting the Palestinian one.



  1.                    What’s the waiver?

Though, in 1995 the United States congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act called on the country to move its embassy to the Holy City.


“Since 1950, the city of Jerusalem has been the capital of the State of Israel,” it stated, challenging the government move the embassy.

The act is binding on governments however there was a clause that presidents ought to delay it for 6 months at a time to guard “national security interests.”


Presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama signed these waivers usually every 6 months. Obama signed his very last one in December which expires at 11:59 pm Washington time on Thursday (0359 GMT Friday).



  1.                      Will Donald Trump Sign?

For the period of the election campaign, Donald Trump promised more than one time to move the embassy, and his new ambassador David Friedman is a strong advocate of the shift.


But, Trump has seemed to back away from the concept since taking office to power under pressure from the Palestinians and other Arab leaders.


For the period of a trip Israel and the Palestinian territories last week he did not mention moving the embassy.


Moreover as he seeks to inject new life into moribund peace talks, Trump can be wary of a move that might infuriate the Arab world.


“He will possibly renew the waiver for any other 6 months, however will come out with an assertion declaring he will not necessarily do it once more depending on the way wherein the parties behave,” Alan Baker, a former Israeli ambassador grew to become analyst, told AFP.





  1.                        What Happens If Trump Doesn’t Sign?

Incase Donald Trump chooses not to sign the waiver, the embassy would not move instantly, however there are rapid repercussions.


Under the 1995 act, the US State Department would see a 50% cut in all its future budgets for “acquisition and maintenance of buildings abroad” till the brand new embassy opens.

In 2016, $968 million became spent on embassy security, construction and maintenance, in line with State Department figures.




  1.                         What Would Be The Impact Of The Move?

A law professor, Eugene Kontorovich at Northwestern University in the United States of America and a backer of the move, says doing so might earn Trump credit with his supporters.


“It was an explicit campaign promise; doing it might assist solidify his base and could help shore up support from congressional Republicans,” he told AFP.


US evangelical Christian leader Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of asserting justice to the Nations, stated many of Trump’s religious voters were looking cautiously to ensure he did not break his promise.


“The embassy move pledge was a game changer for lots of evangelicals,” she stated.

Palestinians have warned of potential violence or even a new intifada, or uprising, if the embassy have to be moved, stating it would support radicals.


Early this year, an official stated that moving the embassy could open up “the gates of hell,” claims Israel rejects.

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