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Four Styling Mistakes That Could Really Make Your Hair Fall Out

To the ladies, we’ve all had those days where it looks like there is more hair on the floor of the shower than on our heads.


Four Styling Mistakes That Could Really Make Your Hair Fall Out


Even though some shedding is seems to be normal—the American Academy of Dermatology stated that we shed about fifty to hundred strands of hair day by day—anything greater than that constitutes actual hair loss. And at the same time age, stress, and hormones can also contribute to hair loss, have you ever taken into consideration the truth that your favorite ‘do might be affecting your hair loss, breaking strands?



By the way, what am I trying to say in essence? Fortunately, it’s how a hair style is performed—instead of the style itself—which could hurt your hair, says Larry Sims, the hairstylist behind Victoria Beckham’s famous bob. We eventually asked specialists to narrate their perception, and how we can prevent our favorite looks from breaking up our tresses.



Below are the four styling mistakes that could really make you hair fall out:



Selecting Heavy Extensions and Weaves

Accessories for your hair, like extensions and weaves, would add extra weight to your hair. Select hairstyles that are too heavy, and your hair will come out, stated Sims. That’s due to the fact the weight of extensions and braids can lead to vital stress and tensions to your hair, leading to breakage. “In case you’re wearing a weave and it is too tight, or you leave it in for longer than the suggested 4-6 weeks, that could eventually cause shedding and take your hair out as well,” Sims adds. Your hair needs time to breathe freely in between these heavy, product-heavy styles. If not, it could probably grow weak and break off.


Four Styling Mistakes That Could Really Make Your Hair Fall Out 1



Blow Drying Wet Hair

Could you believe that something as simple as a blowout can mess with your hair if it’s not done correctly. “Hair just isn’t that strong, particularly if it’s highlighted and or color treated,” stated Peter Butler, hairstylist to Emma Stone and Claire Danes. “An attempt to blow dry very wet hair with a brush is a form of hair torture, because your hair is only so elastic. If it’s pulled and pulled with any type of brush from wet to dry, then you have the chance of snapping the hair from heat and exertion,” he stated.


The great way to prevent breakage here is to ensure you remove excess water before styling. “Firstly, dry your hair with towel after which you can take the dryer and hand dry your hair, getting rid of the most moisture first,” stated Butler. “This method frees up the natural texture and makes it less difficult to section and blow out with the comb.” This approach definitely helps you blow-dry your hair faster, added Butler.


Make Use of Wrong Hair Ties

Ponytails—especially the elastic which you use—can also lead to hair loss, stated Butler. “Using kind of tight elastics that aren’t cloth covered or rubber bands to tie up your ponytail and then pulling them out will actually tear out hair,” he said. “Repeat this and also get more breakage.”


Try to avoid the use of rubber bands and go for the right hair ties or cloth-covered hair ties in order for the hair to easily slide off and doesn’t get stuck within the elastic. There are lots of hair ties, just make sure you make the right choice whenever you want to buy.


Using Heat Styling Tools Always

“Repeated use of heat-styling tools over the years can destabilize the shape of hair, which can lead to weaken and slip and eventually break off,” said Butler. This is applicable to any style requires hot combs, flat irons, curling irons, and of course blow dryers.


Luckily, you do not have to throw out your tools to protect your tresses. Rather, take precautionary measures to strengthen your hair against heat damage. Butler recommends the usage of a hair remedy with keratin, including schwartzkopf GLISS Hair Repair Anti-Damage Mask. You may also try keeping things natural together with your styling to give your hair a break from the heat, says Sims. “A twist up – or sleeping in braids overnight and unraveling them—is really lovely too,” said Sims.

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