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Tiger Woods Arrested For Drink-Driving Charge In Florida

Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods is an American professional Golf star was arrested under the influence in Florida early on Monday morning….


Tiger Woods Arrested For Drink-Driving Charge In Florida



Police officers recorded the arrest at 07:18 local time (11:18 GMT). Tiger Woods was released some hours later, information from Palm Beach County police show.


The golfer was arrested in the town of Jupiter at around 03:00 local time and He has not made any comment.


The police document lists the charge as driving under the Influence (DUI).


It states an unlawful blood alcohol level and says that he was released “on his own recognisance”, meaning he promised in writing to co-operate with future legal proceedings.


The 41-year-old golfer has been recuperating from recent back surgical operation and the last he blogged about his health on 24th May.


He wrote that the surgical operation had relieved horrible pain and that he had not “felt this true in years”.




He added that the outlook for a return to competitive golf was “positive” however that he was no longer in a “hurry”.


“I want to play professional golf again however I am not looking beforehand,” he said. “I cannot twist for another two and a half to three months. Right now, my major focus is rehab and doing what the medical doctors inform me. I am concentrating on short-term goals.”



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Tiger Woods Arrested For Drink-Driving Charge In Florida 1



The mugshot of Woods’ arrest shows a disheveled Tiger Woods, bleary-eyed and unshaven – simply the sort of image he would not want related to himself in public.


The picture will haunt him throughout these proceedings and beyond. This is someone who has put back collectively his public life after that epic fall from grace with all the information of the extramarital affairs that broke in 2009.



It was gathered from someone who has a jealously guarded way of life in terms of his privacy is he spends most of his time playing computer games. We realize he speaks glowingly about being a father and looking after his kids.


Tiger Woods is divorced and shares custody of his kids and that is all we know about his life-style at the moment, other than he says he wants to go back to professional golf once this recovery has been finished.


The question is, does golf need him as much as it once did? Possibly not. An entire generation of golfers, with Rory Mcilroy at the vanguard, have now come through. However Woods remains a big box-office draw. Golf has suffered in his absence in current years but it’s far being used to the fact that he’s not going to return back right at the very top of the game.


Woods’ personal life came under severe scrutiny in 2009 after he was charged with careless driving outside his Florida home.


Tiger Woods later admitted to having had extra-marital affairs and made a frank public apology. He added that he had received professional help and planned to undergo more therapy.


The golfer lost some sponsors over the scandal and decided to take a break from competitive golf. He and Elin Nordegren later announced their divorce.

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  1. Ugh, he is just disgusting. I believe in Karma and it seems to be catching up with him, big time!

  2. Hopefully, he’ll get the help that he needs. It’s sad to see someone go on a downwards spiral.

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