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5 social media mistakes that can cost you a job….

Those social media posts you share may additionally win over friends and get you hundreds or thousands likes, retweets or share, but they also can cost you a job.


5 social media mistakes that can cost you a job



Below are 5 social media mistakes that can cost you a job:


  • You whine about work

Sometimes when you are hiring managers there is need check through their social media profiles,, consider what their influence of you will be once they see job criticism posts on your wall. They may probably be turned off and see you as a potential danger to their brand (in particular due to the fact there is not nothing to stop you from bad-mouthing their firm too). The question then could be, ‘Do I need to hire someone that can be a potential danger to the brand of my firm?’ and the response to that question is pretty clear.



  • You’re Impolite or Offensive

If you (personal account that you are identified with) are offensive or impolite enough on social media to warrant mentions or retweets, it’s out there for each person to see and it’s in particular visible to headhunters or hiring managers. For hiring managers or headhunters, it speaks volumes about your adulthood and skills level (or lack thereof). It will really sounds somehow if the company you applied to is affiliated to people or any organization you’ve insulted on social media. Then you won’t find it funny.



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  • Sharing Your Contemporary Job Offer

Some of the job offers are on several occasions confidential and unintentional to be shared in a space as public as social media. Due to this, some organizations react negatively, might see you as having broken confidentiality and may revoke their job offer. During the event, you can announce the good news about the job offer with the people and anyone, ensure you don’t say whatever negative about it, which may be seen by a staff or anyone affiliated with the firm or organization.


5 social media mistakes that can cost you a job 1



  • Complaining or Mocking About Your Clients

In particular in case you are working within the service industry, this is another social media activity to keep away from. Such as complaining about boss or work, complaining or mocking about clients also can have similarly negative effects. Complaining about your clients shows your organization in a bad light, and if any of your clients see this grievance, they may report you to your boss who’s very probably not bear such behavior from an employee.



  • Contradictory Posts

There was a time a candidate narrated a heart-wrenching story of how she had to quit her preceding job due to the fact she was injured in a car accident and due to that, unable to return from a leave of absence. The hiring supervisor then decided to glance through her social media profile and located photos of her lounging and water-skiing on holiday around the same period. That was enough to knock her out of the running for the position. You just have to be careful with social media.



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  1. These are all so true! I think that people don’t realize their social media is checked by employers, especially in the hiring process.

  2. These are common mistakes people make. I will have to share this with my friend. She is just starting out on her blogging journey.

  3. These could affect your work especially if you have coworkers in your friends list. I think we should really be more responsible about what we post.

  4. I agree you can complain about your boss in private but not on social media because employers do look through your social profiles. Be careful what you post!

  5. This is all true. Our social media accounts are checked by the employers in hiring process. We should be careful while posting.

  6. These tips are so true. Thanks for reminding us the simplest and most useful advices. Thanks for sharing.
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  7. This reminds me of the students who had offers to Harvard revoked. People have to learn that they have freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences!

  8. You are absolutely correct. I agree with this post, Being an overall negative person doesn’t help anyone.

  9. I am sure these things really happen and you have to be truthful in what you write. People do check.

  10. What a good post I really love reading about this and I love this tips as well I will keep this in my mind

  11. I always tell my friends watch what you put on social media as it can negatively affect your job. I always try to be mindful of what I post for that reason.

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