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Do you want to gain weight naturally? Here’s what you need to know

Do you want to gain weight naturally? Here’s what you need to know



Do you want to gain weight naturally



To those who wish to gain weight naturally, here’s what you need to know and do it rightly.


Do you know that  being able to put on weight may sound like a blessing to weighty people but to the underweight, it sounds totally different to them.


In reality, some people get worried on how to put on weight. However it is not hard to do. The most important thing is to eat well, consume more than you burn, and sleep well.


But, it’s essential to inform you that until the body gets the right fats in the right amount, the body can also naturally prevent producing hormones whilst you start gaining weight.



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In order to maintain the correct hormone level in your body even as you gain weight, you need to make sure that you practice a natural and healthy diet.


Therefore, if you are one of those underweight  and  you still find it difficult to gain weight, or you are attempting to find a solution to put on weight, then, these recommendations can be very beneficial to you.



Do you want to gain weight? Here’s what you need to know

  1. The most important aspect that you need to do to gain weight is eating. No just eating anything though, but eat healthy.

Try to include more quantities of healthy meals to your diet. Add avocado in your salad and the end result will be 332 more calories. In addition, more butter or peanut butter in your bread is ideal as well.


Note that in order to put on weight, you have to consume at least 125 calories more than you burn every day.


And tremendously, you would need to eat about 3,500 more calories more than you burn just to gain one pound.



Do you want to gain weight naturally


  1. You have to increase the quantity of protein in the diet. Because, protein helps to build the muscle, and that makes the body to be more toned and strong while putting on weight.

You can add the following protein-rich foods to your diet: eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, and meat.


  1. To gain weight naturally, you need to sleep well. This can help repair and build the muscles during that period of time. Also, ensure you get a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep each night time.


  1. You should not eat water-filled vegetables like cucumber and celery. Eat starchy vegetables that contain a lot of calories which includes corn, carrots, and potatoes.


Moreover, you can make your personal health drink or buy one. Your body will be nourished with sufficient nutrients, which you need to put on weight gain.


Note having fruit juices and shakes are delicious ways to gain some bulk. For instance a single serving of a smoothie can be as high as one thousand in calories.


Another great option to put on weight is consumption of custard or yoghurt with fruits.


  1. Exercise regularly. Things may sound strange but extra calories that you consume must be digested too. If not, you will end up fat in your body.




In comparison to cardio, resistance training or lifting weights are more suitable for weight gain. Because they help to transform the fats into muscles.


Note that lifting and weight training help your body gain muscle weight, that’s the best type of weight for the body to put on. You need to start off slowly if you aren’t used to doing this kind of training.

To cap it all, you have to be aware that through eating healthy and training, one could put on weight very fast. In addition, you have to eat healthy and exercise regularly to put on weight.

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  1. This is a great post. Our 9 year old daughter only weighs about 55 lbs and we’re always trying to help her gain weight, the right way. She is very athletic, so she burns what she eats. We give her a lot of protein and dairy to try to get those muscles formed well.

  2. Thank you very much for providing such a useful article. I found a big value in it and I hope others will as well.

  3. nice and valuable information. Thank you

  4. I definitely gain weight when I gain muscle – it’s important to eat the right kind of food to gain weight instead of a lot of ’empty calories’!

  5. I think these tips can actually help you gain or lose or maintain weight; basically they help promote general healthiness, which also means a healthy weight. I used to be underweight but now I don’t want to gain more weight! I just want to be toned. Having kids definitely helps you gain weight LOL

  6. My partner struggles to put on weight so I will have to share this with him. I didn’t realize some of these things could affect your weight so much!

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