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What You Need To Know About Strawberries

According to Wikipedia: Strawberry is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria, collectively known as the strawberries.


What You Need To Know About Strawberries


Summer might as well simply be referred to as “strawberry season” what with all the top strawberry-kissed salads and desserts (strawberry shortcake… ) hitting your Insta feed from April at the end of the growing season in August. Below are all you need to know about summer time’s favorite berry.



There are loads of varieties of strawberries available (they’re typically bred to develop in different seasons and regions), however what you need to look for across the board is that dazzling fire-engine pink color.


“A strawberry is at its peak immediately it’s been picked, after which it not ripens,” says Frances Dillard, director of marketing at Driscoll’s. “That’s why you’re seeing dazzling red berries in the store due to the fact they don’t ripen.” So, the greater saturation and sparkly the color, the better it is. Try to avoid strawberries with white patches or ones that appearance dwindled. As for the small green leaf caps, search for bright foliage—the leaves should not be dried out.


How to Keep Strawberries

“The better way to store strawberries as fresh as possible for so long as possible is to keep them cold,” says Carolyn O’Donnell, communications director on the California Strawberry Commission. Do not leave them to steam in your hot vehicle at while you run errands after the farmers market. Immediately you get home, store those berries in a dry place and do not rinse them till you are ready to consume.


“Water simply encourages mold growth boom and the strawberries start to break down faster,” says O’Donnell.



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How to prepare strawberries

First of all, rinse them with water, and then pat dry before you cut. You will then need to hull the strawberry (dispose the leafy stem) by means of carefully reducing it out with a paring knife. Be careful of waste—you do not want to take out too much of the ripe fruit!


To freeze those strawberries, dispose of the leaves and slice off any soft spots before putting them in the freezer, says Dillard. “You can also freeze strawberries on a baking sheet before packing them into containers to keep away from sticking collectively.”



How to cook with strawberries

Are you surprised? Anyway, Strawberries are good on their own (or better still, dipped in no-frills chocolate…). But there’s also some absolutely modern methods to work them onto your plate, says O’Donnell. “Anywhere you may use a fresh tomato, you may substitute fresh strawberries.” Suppose sweet strawberry bruschetta, strawberry sprinkled salad, or even strawberry pizza with goat cheese and arugula. “I also love to want to freeze the whole berry and then use it as an ice cube in lemonade or sangria,” adds O’Donnell. Genius.



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What are the nutritional benefits of strawberries?

Now let’s talk about the nutritional benefits. The best part about strawberries is that they are ludicrously good for you. “We are finding that they’re definitely good at reducing inflammation and they are also full of vitamin C and other antioxidants,” says O’Donnell. They are additionally a great source supply of fiber and potassium to help keep your gut and muscle in tip-top form.


Research has related strawberries to everything from reduced risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disorder to reduce the level of weight gain and knee pain. In addition: a medium-sized strawberry has round 4 calories, and the fruit is relatively low in sugar (one cup of raw berries has seven grams of sugar).

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  1. Perfect timing. We are going strawberry picking this weekend, so now I know what to do with them all.

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    strawberries are great for whiting teeth. they taste delicious and they are so good for acne

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