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How To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers

Out of all of the Phone operating systems presently in the market, Android operating system has a record of being the most purchased and unfortunately, the most hacked. Are you surprised?



How To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers




Anyway, most of the phone users believe that any smart phone is not any of the following model: Nokia, Apple or Blackberry, is running an Android Operating System, AOS. So true, if you aren’t using any of the listed phone models that run different operating systems, you are in high risk of being hacked.



The good news is that there are protective measures as AOS being vulnerable to being hacked doesn’t get rid of its flexibility and ease of use. Another fact is that AOS users do not have to be a tech guru to perform those protective measures.



Be cautious of everything on the internet

That is the first step to take. Try to read mail headlines and phrases and be very sure you recognize and trust with the sender of the mail before you click on it or subsequent links in emails. More or less 99 percent of emails, likewise those who the sender’s name and surname are in full, that offer speedy money making schemes, are scams that have links that lead you to being hacked.

To click links from untrustworthy emails can also get your phone infected with a virus that copies all your data and direct it over to hackers.



Registered smartphone dealers

As a samrtphone user, ensure that you do not expose your phone to websites and apps that could have a harmful impact on your privacy. Irrespective of how trivial some apps appear, always make research on how secure they are. After installation or updating of apps, check the reviews of the apps before you click on allow.



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Do more research about hacks

By doing so, you gather more info about hacks. You can also seek advice from tech gurus who know much about android phones or registered phone dealers, on how to secure your phone from hackers. They can also direct you on what to do incase your android phone gets hacked.

You can also visit forum to get more information because you can also meet people with similar problems and get to know how they were able with deal with them.



How To Secure Your Android Phone From Hackers 1



Strong Password

As we all know that email platform encourage the use of strong password. They do have a genuine reason for that and you also need to abide to that advise for your own good.

Make sure you create strong passwords that includes numbers, letters and if possible symbols; for example; chemady9#4 or in reverse order.

Note: the use of the same password is not advisable, if you want to be safe from hackers on your android phone, your business data or personal details.

In addition, make use of phone screen lock. When you do that, use all which you have at your disposal for your android settings, from passwords, patterns, pins, fingerprint to stand unlocking, to enhance the protection.


Lock Apps

Another suggestion is to enable password to sensitive applications such as emails, text messages, mobile banking (especially for people that do mobile banking), with the use of android app like AppLock. That is recommended due to the fact that phone screen lock isn’t a magical safety and it may be bypassed, so it is advised to have a 2nd layer of safety.


Avoid unsecured WiFi

Your android phone can be accessed by hackers while using WiFi, in particular public WiFi. However, WiFi cannot be absolutely avoided so the advise is don’t make use of WiFi for banking transaction. In case you must use WiFi try installing some apps for encryption of your outgoing connection and to enhance the security, such WiFi Protector.


With all the above stated, do not let yourself lag behind technological adjustments, try to update with security improvements which are trending on and make sure your phone is secure by updating safety protocols regularly.


Have you ever had an encounter with hackers through your phone? Feel free to share with us.

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  1. I know those android devices because of the operating systems have issues with being more easily hacked and having malware placed on them. You just need to be careful all of the time.

  2. Great tips to take to avoid hackers. I’ve not experienced hackers on my phone, but I do my best to take precautions you listed. Just like with any other important information, our phones need protecting.

  3. This is really helpful. I have always used Norton on my android but it slows my phone down. I really need to improve my password though!

  4. One thing I don’t do is read or access my emails via my phone. Other than that I have firewall software. Hopefully am kinda safe.

  5. Blair villanueva

    These are very helpful. We can’t be so sure with everything. Always check.

  6. These are great reminder tips for those of us who have a tendency to forget how dangerous the internet can be. Being careful and having the added layer of protection is wise.

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