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Smartphone: Seven Things You Can Do With It

Technology has really advanced to the extent that we are in the era of Smartphones. Smartphones are amazingly useful devices. In fact, they are not just referred to as smart for nothing. That smartphone you have can do much more than you think it is capable of, however some people miss out on some great functionalities.



Smartphone  Seven Things You Can Do With It



Apparently, due to research, it’s obvious that most of the people using smartphone realize less than 40% of the utility of the gadgets. While most of the people are pleased with making calls, watching online movies or music, taking selfie with the smartphone, use of social media platform, online banking.


Below are seven things can do with your smartphone:


  1. Speak different language


With the help of your smartphone, it is easy to speak and understand different language. This is a task that some of the world’s most prolific linguists will struggle at. For instance, if you are using Android phone, just make use of Google Now to translate a word, phrase or sentence to different language you want. The most amazing part is that you may even get both a spoken and written reaction. This sounds great, right? You can also make use of the app, iTranslate, which you can download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, just for the same reason.



  1. Prevent intoxicated driving and likely accidents


Perhaps you are out for an event, had some drinks and no longer sure you could simply drive yourself home. There is no need to worry! There is a way you can know if you are too drunk to get behind the wheels with a smartphone app. Apps like Smartphone Breathalyzer, this can measure the alcohol to your breath in only 5 seconds, after that the wirelessly sends your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) analyzing to your iOS or Android phone. By doing this, you can predict how long it will take for your BAC levels to go back to 0%. The incredible part of that is you could even use them to book an Uber ride!




  1. Discover what music is playing


Did you just hear a memorable tune on the radio or on someone’s device and wish to know the artiste or song title? This is an easy thing to do. With the help of apps such as Shazam or SoundHound installed for your smartphone, then you can easily accomplish the task on how to identify a song as it is playing. Moreover, a number of online platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Apple have song identity tools built into their individual virtual assistants, so that you can just use Google Now, do ask Siri or tap the music search icon interior Cortana for the same reason.


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Smartphone Seven Things You Can Do With It 1




  1. Use To Measure Your Heart Health


Due to the growing cases of heart-related illnesses, the significance of tracking one’s health can’t be over-emphasised. Your smartphone will let you do this without going to see a doctor. For example: apps like Cardiio or Blood Pressure Companion, you may measure your heart rate blood pressure and know the level of cardiovascular health and fitness. A number of these apps can also take voice memos for symptom monitoring and assist you to take note of drastic adjustments or readings which could be a reason for concern.



  1. Remote lock or wipe your misplaced Smartphone


Whenever we misplace our smartphone we feel bad and this is frequently excruciating. The likelihood of unauthorised access to data on your phone and sensitive information makes this loss more depressing. In case you are using Android smartphone, with the help of Android Device Manager you can track and take control of your phone, in the event which you lose it. In addition, you can use the Android Device Manager to ring your smartphone, remotely lock it or maybe factory reset it if you realize you are by no means getting it back.



  1. Use to calculate menstrual cycle

Most ladies find it difficult to calculate their menstrual cycle, ovulation period, period length, cycle length. With the help of your smartphone you can calculate or set those periods of time at ease. Mobile App such as My Calender can carry out this function perfectly. All you have to do is to simply download the app, then check the settings to do the needful.



  1. Use to Scan a document


In this era, you do not have to spend a lot on a large flatbed scanner to scan that urgent document. With the aid of your smartphone, you’ve got the best, handy tool for this. All you have to do is to simply open your smartphone camera, which effortlessly turns into a makeshift scanner. Immediately you snap the document, then save it as an image and send or share to the proposed recipient. The higher the resolution of your smartphone camera, the higher the quality of scanned document. With the use of Google Drive and apps like CamScanner and Evernote, you can also convert scanned document into PDF documents and read the text in them.


Is there any other new thing you have been doing with you smartphone? Feel free to share with us by dropping your comment.



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    Smartphones have become so helpful that I do plenty of my jobs on these. Being a tech-freak and owning a great smartphone has made life simpler.

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  3. This is a nice article on smart phone uses. I think my number one and two are the alarm clock and the flash light! I have used the translator before when I was in a Spanish class. That didn’t work out so well.


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