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How to Prevent Website from hackers

It is not a current news that website can be hacked. The danger of the activities of cyber criminals is severely on the increase day by day. According to a recent research, Google’s bleak painting of cyber security trends as, the number of websites hacked increased by 32% in 2016. The good news is that we can all learn how to prevent website from hackers  from this post.


How to Prevent Website from hackers



This sounds alarming, as one wonders what that figure would increase to by the time the statistics for 2017 are taken at the end of the year.


Those that hacks the website can spend hours, scanning for websites that are expose to danger which they can access and commit their atrocities. Due to this, we need to learn how to prevent website from hackers.


Below are some recommendations which you need to note to prevent website from hackers:


 Secure your Website admin panel

Apparently, the admin panel or the back-end of your website is an area where anyone should operate, especially the hackers.  It is very important to secure the website admin panel.

In order to secure your website, ensure you use strong password. However, the password must be secure enough. Also, Do not send your login details by email to anyone, no matter who is involved. Someone can quickly gain authorized access to such account.


In addition, ensure you limit the number of login attempts within a certain time frame. This also includes the password resets due to the fact email accounts can be hacked as well. Finally, wordpress users should alternate the default database prefix from “wp6_” to something that might be hard to guess.



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Installation of  Web Application Firewall

Try to install a web application firewall which is very important. It can either be software or hardware based. It typically reads each bit of data via placing it among your website server and the data connection.


In the meantime, the modern Website Application Firewalls are cloud based totally and provided as a plug-and-play service, (no longer free). When it is successfully installed, the WAF will provide complete assurance by blocking all hacking attempts and also let you know of other unwanted traffic like spammers and malicious malware.



Always update your software/themes/plugins

We need to keep this at the back of our mind that we should endeavor to update all necessary things at when due. It sounds perplexing when you see bloggers who abandon software updates; which is very bad.


Try to always install the updates right away; there’s a reason for the upgrade of those software. You also need to update and upgrade and upgrade your website often so that your website does not become outdated.

Note: An outdated site can easily be hacked.


This is why Google said in a post on its webmaster blog, “We don’t expect this trend to slow down. The hackers get more destructive and more websites become out-dated, hackers will continue to capitalize by infecting more websites. As always, it’s great to take a precautionary approach and secure your website rather than dealing with the consequences. Don’t forget, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Most important reason for the update is to secure vulnerability and delaying it could be dangerous.



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Installation of security applications

For security applications may not be as vigorous as Website Application Firewalls. My advise is that  you choose the premium package, But if you think it worth it to use the free options, once you installed it, then it becomes though for website hackers to get  access to your site.


That doesn’t imply that free plugins are not proficient, take for instance, plugins like Acunetix WP Security can offer safety in the way of hiding the identification of your site’s Content Management System. The tool makes you more resilient in opposition to automatic hacking tools that explore the net.



Hide website admin pages

In case your admin page is indexed, then, you can easily be hacked. You don’t need to index your admin pages through search engines. All you have to do is to make use of robots txt file to discourage search engines from listing them.


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Make use of SSL

Majority of website users are guilty of not using the SSL. The use of an encrypted SSL protocol to transfer information between the website and your database sounds great. This could prohibit any information being read in transit and accessed without the appropriate authority. All high-rated search engines like Google and yahoo these days have began supporting using https in particular when displaying search engine results.



Ensure frequent backup

Frequent back up is a proactive way of ensuring that you aren’t completely stranded in case something bad happen. Backup on-website, backup off-website, make sure you do all necessary backup daily or weekly or monthly, that depends on how you  frequently update content on your website.




Update of hacking threats

Hacking threats turn out to be more risky than ever, it’s essential that you stay up to date with hacking threats. This can be done by going online to do research about new tricks being applied by cyber criminals.


You can protect your website from hackers when you have basic knowledge of how they can hack your site and the necessary precautions.



Finally, if some of these things seem too technical for you to do, you can contact Chemady Web Services for help.  You don’t have to wait till the damage is done before you think of these proactive methods because anyone can be a victim of those hackers.


Do people you know who are website users ? Do them a favor by sharing this information on how to prevent website from hackers.



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